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Club Fee

There will be no club fee in 2015.


Potential issues during the season

If at any time you have an issue as a player or as a parent/carer of one of our players please contact me directly to assist in seeking a resolution. For our junior teams in Division 8 and 9 we have limited the teams to 9 players, minimising the time girls need to sit off. We want girls to really enjoy playing and hopefully develop a lifelong passion for playing netball. A bad experience in their junior years may be enough to turn them off playing ever again. Tiger parenting will not be tolerated. Please always be a positive sideline influence, set a good example and be supportive of the coaches and umpires.


Intra-club player sharing

Every club can share/borrow its players between its own teams for any round game. However, a player can only play for another team if that team is in a higher division than the players original team.

The same player can be shared an unlimited number of times and still remain in their original team.

No intra-club sharing is allowed for a semi final, final or grand final.

If you would like to borrow a player from a team, please contact that teams coach.