Hands on treatment

We have 7 physiotherapists who are able to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all types of injuries and conditions. Initial consultations are 45mins and follow-up consultations are 30mins. Our therapists regularly attend courses so they are able to provide you with the very latest in physiotherapy treatment techniques.


Fully equipped rehabilitation gym

To assist in you recovery from injury and/or post surgery we have an ultra modern gym which contains an elliptical trainer, treadmill, recumbent step through bike, max rack  and free motion machine. We also have a variety of accessories such as a wobbleboard, mini tramp fitballs and free weights.



Hydrotherapy is a series of gentle therapeutic exercises conducted in a heated pool. The warmth and buoyancy provided by the hydrotherapy pool can help relieve pain, mobilise joints, strengthen muscles, develop balance and improve general fitness.

Hydrotherapy is great for back pain, post operation rehabilitation and sporting injuries.

Country Physiotherapy provides a hydrotherapy class once a week which is conducted at the local PCYC in Mudgee year-round.


Acupuncture and dry needling

Some conditions respond effectively to acupuncture and dry needling.


Supply and fitting of all types of supportive braces

We have access to an enormous array of excellent quality supportive braces, splints, crutches etc for all parts of the body.


Supply and fitting of orthotics

Our physiotherapists are qualified in supplying and fitting off the shelf type orthotics which can be customised for the individual.


Application of waterproof fibreglass casting for fractures

Our physiotherapists are able to apply a waterproof fiberglass cast for a variety of upper and lower limb fractures. This type of cast is light weight, more durable and easier to keep clean than the traditional plaster cast.


Specialised hand therapy including application of hand and wrist splints



If you are looking to make your workplace safer and your employees healthier then a lecture by Country Physiotherapy may be what you are looking for. We provide workplace lectures covering a wide range of topics such as manual handling, healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercise. Price on application.


WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

These evaluations can be used as a return to work tools and as a pre –employment assessment tools.

An FCE is a systematic process of measuring, recording and analyzing an individuals ability to perform

purposeful activities in response to broadly defined work demands or projected vocational status.

The main benefits of using the WorkHab FCE are:

The use of “capacity profiling” which incorporates physiological performance, standardized testing procedures and clinical objectiveness, while allowing the client to perform activities in a safe situation.

Provides an overall comparison of tasks over time from a physiological perspective.

A maximal capacity is considered essential in order to qualify the evaluation. The WorkHab FCE ensures that this maximal capacity is the individuals safe capacity for that particular work task.

The individuals capacity for endurance over an eight- hour (or other time as specified) period, either for specific tasks or for general body positions or loads.

A full FCE involves approximately 3 hours of testing of up to 20 different postural and dynamic tasks. A detailed report analysing the results as well as the provision of the results is available within 24 hours of testing.  POA.

A pre-employment FCE  involves approximately 2 hours of testing. A detailed report analysing the results as well as the provision of the results is available within 24 hours of testing. POA.