New to Pilates? You’re not alone! Pilates is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the world.

Developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates. Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. Pilates improves core strength, flexibility, agility and economy of motion. No matter what your age or condition, it will work for you. Pilates can help alleviate back pain and other chronic ailments.

Pilates Studio Gulgong

80c4333a-4e95-4de9-a231-6e484c214405Pilates Mat Classes

Our pilates sessions are a great combination of the traditional exercises devised by Joseph Pilates as well as more recent exercises designed by physiotherapists. The small class numbers allows for close supervision of technique reducing your risk of injury whilst maximising the benefits. Pilates is a wonderful adjunct to any injury rehabilitation program or fitness regime.

You have a choice between Pilates Mat or Pilates Studio classes. Or even better, do both. You may be able to claim your pilates sessions through your private health insurance.

We have a very experienced Pilates Instructor Bec Hallam. 4 of our Physiotherapists, being Belinda, Mel, Jane and Liz also teach Pilates.