Fitness Instructors


Bec Noble 

Bec Pilates

After several years in the hospitality game, Bec was losing motivation and direction when a good friend suggested that she become a Pilates instructor instead of just telling all his clients what to do. In 2008 she enrolled and after 8 months, 150 personal training hours, 200 assisted teaching hours, a written and practical exam, she was finally a qualified Pilates Instructor.

Bec began working at Unanderra Physiotherapy and Pilates where she remained for almost 3 years. In June 2012, she moved with her partner to Gulgong and she began working at Country Physiotherapy. Bec now teaches Pilates Studio and Mat classes in both Gulgong and Mudgee.



Greg King

Greg FitnessGreg is an innovative fitness instructor. Greg is always coming up with new exercises and routines to keep your sessions interesting. Greg currently teaches  Bootcamp, Boxercise, Mums and Bubs and Pilates Studio.